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Both kids are asleep in the car. I feel like I should buy a lottery ticket.

I haven't somehow blocked other instances, either.

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Updated to 3.0, and I can toot, but I can't reply to anyone ("503: Remote data could not be fetched"). Hum.

Mister Almost Four looked me in the eyes and said “Can you pretend to be a real person?”


When we signed up the new baby at the doctor’s office, the form asked what pronoun you wanted to go by, if any. Maybe things aren’t so bad.

I just tweaked the text on my personal site directly on GitHub, via my phone, sitting in a chair at the hospital while my wife and the baby nap, and a webhook picked up the commit and published the changes.

The future is pretty good sometimes.

I’ve had supporting Dark Mode for a while now, so it’s nice to see that working under iOS 13. Pretty chuffed.

Tell you what, a birth in an Australian hospital > a birth in an American hospital.

If there's one thing I've learned from working on, it's this - always, *always* link to a Wikipedia entry instead of a company's product page.

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.