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"I already *know* what Bluetooth is," said the five year old, rolling his eyes.

Me: "Come watch me play Assassin's Creed Odyssey! It's so pretty!"
Her, dubious: "Okayyyyy."
Me: (kills a bear, takes its scrotum.)

I am divorced now.

My interview backlog now reaches into December!

It's a good problem to have, but because technology changes so rapidly, sometimes I have to change the tense in answers!

There I was, singing the Scooby-Doo theme song, and my watch lit up and Siri heard it as "you know you're gay," and told me knowledge is good.

A barrel of soap, a bathtub of butter, an entire city.

"How do you eat your dream with your nose?," and other things the toddler asks.

Day 3 of stage 4 lockdown. Daycare shuts tomorrow. They're rebuilding and raising the train line at the end of the street, 24 hours a day.

Someone asked why today's interview was late.

The 10 month old, sitting in on my daily standups, is going to start thinking he has another grandparent called JIRA.

Got my first interviewee photo in a mask. Good.

Taking on sponsorship for Feels weird, man.

@qdot You still wanna do a interview?

My drug-addicted neighbour set his apartment on fire, so it must be a Monday.

Also, Finnish people have the coolest names.

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Just beat Control. What an amazing mindfuck that was.

People worry about AI taking over the world, but Siri thinks I'm talking to her whenever I turn the taps on.

Control is like if The X-Files and Twin Peaks had a baby.

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.