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The 10 month old, sitting in on my daily standups, is going to start thinking he has another grandparent called JIRA.

Got my first interviewee photo in a mask. Good.

Taking on sponsorship for Feels weird, man.

@qdot You still wanna do a interview?

My drug-addicted neighbour set his apartment on fire, so it must be a Monday.

Also, Finnish people have the coolest names.

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Just beat Control. What an amazing mindfuck that was.

People worry about AI taking over the world, but Siri thinks I'm talking to her whenever I turn the taps on.

Control is like if The X-Files and Twin Peaks had a baby.

The four year old walked in at 2:20 pm and told me "I think that's enough work for today," and that's how he became my new boss.

They sure are going to be a lot of new bakeries when this is all over.

Me: "Oh god, Houseparty - another unfathomable app I'll end up instantly deleting."
Also me: (has awesome and long video chat with friend in Chicago he hasn't spoken to in years.)

The baby is randomly laughing at me every time he looks my way, and my wife has decided I have "resting clown face."

2021. Zoom has gone under, and all meetings are held inside Animal Crossing.

Welp, first time changing the baby during a Zoom meeting (the camera was off.)

Today I tried to do an exercise and now I have died.

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.