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They sure are going to be a lot of new bakeries when this is all over.

Me: "Oh god, Houseparty - another unfathomable app I'll end up instantly deleting."
Also me: (has awesome and long video chat with friend in Chicago he hasn't spoken to in years.)

The baby is randomly laughing at me every time he looks my way, and my wife has decided I have "resting clown face."

Had another post in me, about my utterly ridiculous screenshot obsession.

2021. Zoom has gone under, and all meetings are held inside Animal Crossing.

Welp, first time changing the baby during a Zoom meeting (the camera was off.)

Today I tried to do an exercise and now I have died.

Day whatever: the toddler was upset I wouldn't let him say hi to the tax guy on the phone.

Outside it might be total chaos, but in here I've planted some coconuts, broken a few axes and gotten myself into a glorious amount of debt.

Later, I'm going to play some Animal Crossing.

Imagine how many babies called Covid or Covy or Cove will be born in about nine months from now.

First day with everyone home. Last day with any sanity.

Taking the kid out of daycare after today and going into lockdown. Stay safe out there, Internet friends.

Confused by all the people self-isolating together at the gym on my street.

"Now's the *perfect* time to start all those projects," said the people without children.

Love to self-isolate with all the other people getting coffee.

The order to WFH just came in. I've never been happier!

What are some nice, uplifting sites to read instead of me constantly reloading the news?

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.