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My eldest learned to crawl by going... backwards.

The youngest is going in the right direction, but only on his back.


Achievement unlocked: took my eldest to his swimming lesson and no one drowned.

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Please share, I'm looking for help on upcoming projects for The Recompiler -- paid positions for editing, print and ebook design, and research support

Subscription software is a crime.

Should I bother writing up my first weblog post in 500 years, on switching from a laptop to an iPad full time? Maybe. Maybe.

First interview posted entirely via the iPad Pro. This is good.

Sitting in the back of the hot car with the baby, playing him Billie Eilish on repeat.

I spent all of Sunday thinking it was Saturday, even though I *knew* it was Invasion Day.

Sadly gave up on iSH, since it’s an experiment and not everything I need runs.

Have now switched to Blink on the iPad and Mosh on my VPS, so I can pretend like it’s a local shell. So far, so good.

iSH ( gives you a self-contained Alpine Linux installation in an app, and it fucking *works*. I’m in love.

I email myself something. A few seconds later, I get excited because there’s a new email! Oh. It’s from me.

Every. Fucking. Time.

It’s now raining so much there’s water coming out of the lights on this tram.

Wearing a t-shirt with the Grim Reaper holding his scythe, and one of Sam’s classmates let me know that *her* daddy didn’t have that shirt.

And then the next kid did the same.

And the next kid.

And the next.

Almost all of them let me know.

Thinking of switching from a laptop to an iPad Pro. There’s not a ton holding me back now, soooo.

On the one hand, the smoke is completely abysmal, but on the flip side, I'm getting better at holding my breath for longer.

My mother has discovered how to post Instagram Stories.

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.