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On the one hand, the smoke is completely abysmal, but on the flip side, I'm getting better at holding my breath for longer.

My mother has discovered how to post Instagram Stories.

You might live in Australia if: you check the EPA's air quality page more than anything else online.

The air quality from the smoke is so poor in Melbourne that I can’t bath the kids on account of how bad it is in our bathroom.

The smoke from the bushfires has hit Melbourne. I'm kinda loathe to leave the office, like, ever.

Walking around the office, humming a little tune to myself, and I realise it's the music from the baby's play gym. Cool, cool.

Welp, paternity leave is up! Time to read four months of email, I guess.

Happy 11th birthday,!

Feels hard to celebrate New Year’s while the country is burning.

I need an app to keep track of how many times I’ve poked my sleeping children to make sure they’re still alive.

Awww, I got a shoutout on Gruber’s podcast! That’s super nice. (Thanks for the link, @churl!)

Santa popped in overnight and dropped off gastro for the whole family.

Mr 4 performed a puppet show for us, which is terribly cute - it started with a loading spinner first, though. 😒

We survived Christmas Eve grocery shopping with only minor Christmas song poisoning!

I very much enjoyed the Star War.

Good lord, season 2 of Fleabag. Jesus.

Kudos to whoever dialled down the $heat variable for the Melbourne simulation.

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.