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It’s funny how some numbers are burned into your brain! I still remember my Flickr account’s internal ID by heart.

Apparently Apple's time servers found that cave in the woods from Dark.

You’d think Paul Ford’s interview was the longest I’d waited for (9 years), but you’d be wrong - that honour goes to @andybaio:

Oh god, I think I have the urge to start writing weblog posts again.

For some reason I had assumed Spotify would have a better social system in place, but instead there’s an option to find your friends by connecting to your Facebook account (I don’t have one), and... that’s it?

This feels so weird, but I’ve just switched to using Spotify after years of holding out against streaming.

iCloud Photos is stuck downloading 3000 originals, and there’s 35,000 photos to dig through, so I’ve scripted the laptop to start at the beginning and right arrow through every single photo to force it to download.

Computers were a horrible mistake.

Me: “Ooh, I might buy some *new* music! Music made in the last few years!”
Also me: (buys another Elliott Smith album.)

Oh god, I found the codebase from 2006.

Which is bad (because it's *so* bad) but good (because I've come *so* far).

The barista at my local cafe can tell it’s me walking up by the sound of my footsteps.

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.