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Someone felt so bad about sending me interview answers late, they sent me a Python script that generates them.


I looked at the kid and said “I love you,” and he said “I know,” and I’ve never been prouder.

Me: “Gah, I can’t beat this boss! It’s too fucking hard! Bloodborne is the worst game ever! I’m nuking my save game and burning my PS4 and never playing this piece of shit ever again!”

Also me: “I beat him! This is the best game ever!”

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy might be my favourite album.

Hello! I'm running a Patreon account for my work on Uses This, if you're at all interested:

Things like this always make me feel weird and awkwarddddddd.

An old lady on the tram called me “boy.”

Still got it.

Sat up until three in the morning finishing season 1 of Dark. That was very, very much my jam.

Damn, Detroit: Become Human was great. Intense.

“I like *all* the Beastie Boys,” said the toddler, and my heart grew two sizes.

Fog! It’s like being back in SF, without all the terrible people.

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@d *slaps roof of mason jar* this bad boy can fit so much unpackaged wholewheat artisanal pasta

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.