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Sat up until three in the morning finishing season 1 of Dark. That was very, very much my jam.

Damn, Detroit: Become Human was great. Intense.

“I like *all* the Beastie Boys,” said the toddler, and my heart grew two sizes.

Fog! It’s like being back in SF, without all the terrible people.

@d *slaps roof of mason jar* this bad boy can fit so much unpackaged wholewheat artisanal pasta

My toddler has picked up my habit of saying bollock(s), which is just great.

I use (neo)vim and I use the arrow keys.

In case you were curious:'s API is 100% static, and built with ~200 lines of Ruby code (

Finally finished The Last of Us. What an amazing story.

I've built a new (static!) API for Let me know if anyone is interested in having a poke at it.

Sam invented a video game where he presses a button on his controller made out of DUPLO, and avocado is thrown at my face.

“It’s not nice to electrocute people,” and other things you say to your toddler.

14 more interviews on and I hit 1000. How... how do I celebrate that?

Being a bird must be exhausting. All that flapping!

Just got an Instagram ad for a MUD. Where... where am I?

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.