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Just got an Instagram ad for a MUD. Where... where am I?

Video game excitement 

Golly, What Remains of Edith Finch was so good.

Got my first “whateverrrrrr” from the kid.

He’s not even 4.

Emailing with someone about doing an interview, and they let me know they were keen and then sent a follow-up email:

"Also, I would like you to know my fifth grade science teacher was named Dan Bogan. We called him 'Dan Bogan the science man' and he was v good at frisbee."

Buying new baby things makes it very real.

We got a new pup!

Her name, depending on who you ask, is either Dolores (us) or Rupert (the toddler.)

Sam’s take on Return of the Jedi: “Ewoks killed their dad,” and being electrocuted by a Sith Lord is *hilarious*.

“Hey, please be nice to your droids,” and other things you say to your kid in 2019.

Me: "Okay, working in JavaScript seems pretty cool."
Me: (Homer walking backwards into the bushes.)

My wife just said “Don’t @ me” in real life.

PSA: Tomorrow is April 1st (at least in this part of the world.)

Picking baby names is hard. Picking baby names you both like is almost impossible.

Woo, we’re having another baby! Well, my wife is.

Whoever brought raw fish onto this crowded tram should have a long hard think about what they’ve done.

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.