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I’ve taught my phone “shitlord.” I can retire now.

I just saw an Italian Greyhound puppy, and it looked like the cutest arrangement of sticks.

I saw someone actually using a payphone, which is the modern version of seeing a unicorn.

My mum sent me a whole ton of kid photos so I can start scanning 'em in. Haven't seen these in decades!

Here's me in the early '80s, holding a koala.

I didn't die! And the phlebotomist gave me jellybeans.

This massively needle phobic fellow is about to have some blood taken. Please send karma.

Overheard at the kid’s playground: “My dad broke the TV. On purpose!”

People who manage websites: do you run analytics software? I'd rather avoid tracking people via JS (Matomo, etc.), but the software that analyses local server logs seems mostly outdated.

Local Man Gets Into Lift Thinking His Headphones Are On, Plays N.W.A.

It's still going! What a thing to follow.

The Niobe Labs stuff is super exciting.

If you can see this, it means that Webfinger is finding the right account and everything still works. Thanks, @bert!

Death, taxes, and fucking up the tiny stickers on your kid's LEGO set.

I'm not remotely into making resolutions, but I'm going to post my vague goals in the hope of keeping myself honest:

- Work on one of the games rattling around in my head.
- Draw!
- Eat well.
- Read more books.
- Spend less money.

My kid’s favourite vegetable is tofu. Happy 2019!

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.