Whoever brought raw fish onto this crowded tram should have a long hard think about what they’ve done.

Things I learned the hard way: washing machines have the water on full blast to equalise the pipe pressure, and will just spray an entire ocean into your bathroom if you don’t turn the tap off when unplugging them.

Other kids paint pictures of their family, or flowers.

Sam paints pictures of our TV.

This morning I carried 330kg of tiles up into our apartment, and boy are my arms tired.

Instagram keeps showing me ads for sports bras.

If you’d told me a decade ago that I’d be sitting on a moving tram reviewing a coworker’s code on a magical slab of glass, I’d have looked at you quizzically and said “You review your coworker’s code?”

A friend designed a logo for @usesthis and it’s *so* good. Need to stitch it into the site.

I wonder how many phone numbers you can learn before you die?

My son, who was born in America, built a wall out of LEGO to stop our chihuahua from crossing to the other side of the bed.

Does this mean he’s a Republican?

"Where's the dog? Are you sitting on the dog?," and other things you hear in a household with a chihuahua.

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.