Me: "How weird could Death Stranding actually be?"
Me, five seconds into it: "Oh. Oh I see."

Mr 5 approved of my Demon's Souls character and her loadout, because the helm includes a mask that covers her face and she'll be safe from coronavirus.

Me: "Oh cool, my parcel is on its way!"
Australia Post: "Yeah man, it's in Sydney at the moment!"
Me: "Oh. You know what? I'm good."

Foursquare is just pre-pandemic contact tracing.

"Oh, the toaster crashed" is a thing I actually said just now.

Today is my last day at Zendesk, after six years and three months across both San Francsico and Melbourne. What a ride!

Oh god, my five year old is making sure his LEGO figures maintain social distance.

And done. My 5G reception has never been better!

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Waiting to get my first Pfizer shot, humming Careless Whisper while quietly peeing myself.

Thanks to Melbourne going back into lockdown and the rules changing, I'm now getting my first vaccination tomorrow instead of October.

My dad just posted a photo of a wall of vaginas from an art gallery in Tasmania, so I'm afraid we have to delete the Internet now. Sorry about that.

Our 20 month old is picking up all the important phrases of toddlerhood:

"Wawa": Water.
"Abble": Apple.
"Nar nar": Banana.
"Oh shit": Oh shit.

Me: "Do you like my Commander Shepard?"
Mr 5: "She looks like a grandma."
Me: "I... okay."

Giving my first ever solo talk (to a company crowd), on what web development was like in the '90s onward. Only peeing myself a little bit.

The best part of playing blocks with Mr 5 is it's all based on the video games I play. It has Vex and Guardians, hacking, androids, map completion, experience points, boss fights, Mario etc.

Oh wow, one of the games I grew up playing was made here in Melbourne!

TIL: Canola, as in the oil, is actually "Canadian Oil, Low Acid."

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.